A little Botanical Microscope from the 1800's
This little botanical microscope is a wonderful pocket sized scope, it has three lenses, a live box (brass threaded cylinder with a glass top and bottom for holding a live insect or similar item), stage forceps, planar mirror and a white or black stage disk. The focus is a little tricky as it is a friction fit sliding stage mount. The kit also includes a few pre mounted bone slides, some opaque and some with translucent mounts of mica. The little dished cylinder at the end of the forceps can be used for a few drops of liquid. There is a black or a white side to the cylinder for choosing the appropriate background for the most contrast.

The image above is a Quicktime VR object which can rotate and if you drag up and down, the angle of view will change and the microscope will pack into its box, and reassemble. Drag away! On a track pad you can do a two finger swipe to rotate and change the angle.