Spindler & Hoyer Gottingen - Junior Microscope 1920s
This a the coolest little design. The walnut laminated wood cylinder is a new add on by a previous owner, and many of these scopes that I have seen are nickel plated so perhaps this one was originally nickel and the nickel was removed some how or maybe it was originally brass and black. I have also seen the brass cylinder with a black enamel or paint. I like this treatment of brass cylinder and brass and black microscope myself.

There are three objectives which can stack to give higher magnifications, focus is via a friction fit tube. The knitting needle legs give a sputnik like appearance, although sputnik came much later. This specimen works very well, it does not have an iris or condenser and there isn't a lot of room to play with on that stage, but it is very sturdy and portable!

A few stills below provide some detail views.

I love to unpack and pack this virtual object by dragging up and down, give it a try! :-)