Amazon River Expedition
June 19 - July 10, 2004
Iquitos, Peru
Images in Chronological order
Animals of the Amazon.
This is a photo essay from a three week adventure in the Iquitos area of Peru, two weeks on two separate cruses with family groups, and one week in the city of Iquitos.

The two cruises started in Iquitos, Peru, a city of 500,000 with no roads to the outside, only river and sky. We travelled on La Amatista and La Tourmalina up the Rio Amazonas then up the Rio Ucayali and Rio Marañóñ, two tributaries that form the Amazon.

First traveling on the Ucayali to the Flooded Forest, then along the Rio Marañóñ to the Terra Firma Forest.

The third week was spent in Iquitos, exploring the city and travelling with Mario Pinedo and Pillar Paredes to some Peruvian Amazonia Research Institute - IIAP research sites.

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